Flexibility is the Key to Stability

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Building Racks with Flexibility

The intrinsic restrictions and inflexibility of maintaining a typical data center cabinet can seem overwhelming. But just as busways simplified power distribution by eliminating breakers and whips, a game-changing option in cabinet installation also exists. The innovative Nexpand server cabinet’s tool-less mounting provides the flexibility to infinitely adjust PDU location along the vertical axis of the frame, overcoming the challenges of PDU placement that are limited by pre-defined mounting locations.

When a rack PDU needs to be moved in a Nexpand cabinet, adjustment is simply a matter of loosening four screws and sliding it into its new position. Not only does this eliminate the need for customized mounting brackets, but it provides the flexibility to mount your rack PDUs according to the current IT build. Likewise, toolless mounting means having the built-in adjustability to relocate a PDU to accommodate the future move, add, and change projects.

Mounting rings for routing bundles of cable are also infinitely adjustable on the cabinet frame, on rails, and sheet-metal trays for further flexibility. Efficient cable routing also provides the most significant opportunity to reduce overall cable length and overcome potential airflow issues, increasing heat loads and higher energy consumption and operating costs.

With the flexibility that today’s premium configure-to-order server cabinet platforms provide, you can realistically expect to reuse and recycle cabinet and power-distribution equipment in the future. Valuable features such as slide-in side panels, modular top panel components, and simplified component installation provide you with the ability to futureproof your data center cabinets against whatever may come your way.

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