For 9 Out of 10, Mainframe is the Digital Platform

Customers clearly value the mainframe's availability, security and data management advantages, but they need a support system to better manage workloads and software license costs. These are the findings of a new survey of 1,194 mainframe customers, conducted by BMC Software.

Despite the mainframe's perception as a legacy platform, customers who report that one of their top priorities is cloud, big data or mobility indicate that their mainframes are increasingly used as a full-fledged participant in digital business efforts. In fact, 91% of all respondents consider the mainframe to be a long-term strategic platform, with 61% expecting growth in their environment in the next two years. The ninth annual BMC mainframe survey was conducted in June 2014 in conjunction with a third party, resulting in 1,194 completed online surveys globally from both BMC customers and non-customers.

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