Four Companies Use jBASE to Support Performance

Zumasys, a provider of MultiValue software and cloud computing solutions, is helping more customers migrate Supply House Information Management System (SHIMS) applications to jBASE running on The Zumasys Cloud.

Four leading plumbing, HVAC, and electrical distributors have migrated utilizing Zumasys’ turnkey migration services. Wedco, S.G. Torrice, Golden West, and Allied Electric embraced jBASE’s “native” architecture to improve performance, system uptime and data protection, while improving the long-term supportability of their MultiValue systems.

jBASE’s platform includes development tools, middleware, and a multi-dimensional database. jBASE turns older Pick MultiValue applications into native applications that run directly on the underlying operating system as C programs.

Supported on Linux, Windows Servers and IBM AIX, this native approach makes it easier to attract younger developers, improves connectivity, and dramatically reduces processing times.

Additionally, the jBASE PortBas conversion tool makes switching easy by automating up to 99% of the conversion process—accomplishing weeks of manual work in as little as an hour.

“In 2015 we converted from AIX/UniVerse to jBASE hosted in Zumasys’ cloud,” said Kevin P. Coleman, director of purchasing at S.G. Torrice. “The process started on a Friday evening and was fully operational by Sunday afternoon. In addition to the ease of the conversion process, we were surprised by the stability and speed of our ERP. Anyone who has been using Shims for a while knows what I’m talking about. This new system allows our branch locations to operate independently. No more hub and spoke. It used to be that if headquarters went down the whole company would go down—not anymore.”

By integrating jBASE technology with The Zumasys Cloud, Zumasys provides operating system and database support, cloud migration expertise, and a lower overall cost of ownership.

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