Hadoop RDBMS Provider Splice Machine and MicroStrategy Partner

Splice Machine has achieved certification on the MicroStrategy Analytics Platform, enabling faster query times and real-time updates.

“Enterprises of all sizes are dealing with massive data sets on a daily basis, so there is a demand for a scalable, affordable database that can integrate seamlessly with a powerful unified analytics platform,” said Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO of Splice Machine. “Splice Machine’s certification on MicroStrategy’s Analytics Platform provides the greater affordability, speed and scale demanded by customers using MicroStrategy, the most powerful provider of data-driven analytics.”

The combination of Splice Machine’s Hadoop RDBMS and the MicroStrategy Analytics Platform will enable powerful operational analytics and reporting on data stored in more affordable Hadoop clusters.

Additionally, Splice Machine has also officially joined the MicroStrategy Technology Partner Program, which will allow it to stay current with future releases.

MicroStrategy works with its leading technology partners to extend access to its technology, technical resources, marketing, and sales support.

“Splice Machine’s database will enable our customers to interact with their most current data on a scalable, affordable platform, while using MicroStrategy’s easy and powerful tools for deeper insights and better business decisions,” said Paul Zolfaghari, president, MicroStrategy.

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