High-Profile Consortium Seeks to Better Prepare Data Centers for 21st-Century Workloads

A who’s-who in enterprise computing - AMD, Dell EMC, Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Mellanox Technologies, Micron, NVIDIA and Xilinx – have announced the launch of the OpenCAPI Consortium, along with a new specification, called OpenCAPI, enabling up to 10 times faster server performance. The goal is to enable corporate and cloud data centers to speed up big data, machine learning, analytics, and other emerging workloads.

Servers and related products based on the new standard are expected in the second half of 2017. OpenCAPI provides an open, high-speed pathway for different types of technology – advanced memory, accelerators, networking and storage – to more tightly integrate their functions within servers. This data-centric approach to server design, which puts the compute power closer to the data, removes inefficiencies in traditional system architectures to help eliminate system bottlenecks and can significantly improve server performance. The standard is already supported on IBM’s POWER8 processor.

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