How the Mainframe Can Help You Cope with Difficult Economic Times

Did you know your mainframe can be a significant source of cost savings? John McKenny, vice president of worldwide marketing for mainframe service management at BMC Software, points out that in a reflex response to tighter IT budgets, some organizations think they can save money by migrating applications off the mainframe. However, many such efforts, when followed through, have resulted in lower performance and reduced business value. Cost is one part of a platform decision, but any costs must be measured against the business value of a resource. "The business value of a resource is underpinned by its inherent capacity, availability, and performance. For example, the mainframe's ability to handle extremely large databases and huge transaction volumes-and do it with unmatched reliability, availability, and serviceability-is crucial in many business-critical applications." Mainframes are especially suited for delivering value on an enterprise scale. McKenny provides a compelling argument for measuring mainframe business value in the latest edition of Database Trends and Applications.

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