IT Modernization Delivers Growth as Well as New IT Management Challenges

Adopting a modern application architecture is critical to business success and a significant driver of profit growth in today’s digital economy, according to the results of a survey of 1,087 IT and business executives released by CA Technologies. The study shows eight out of 10 executives feel that software provides critical support in helping them achieve their KPIs.

Organizations that were further along in their adoption of modern application architectures and development practices saw impressive benefits, as they were eight times more likely to see positive KPIs than those with legacy systems; and seven times more likely to say their apps are completely integrated when it comes to functionality, data sharing, authentication and security.

However, while APIs, microservices and containers enable faster delivery of applications to market, nine out of 10 of respondents with modern application architectures stated that it’s challenging to manage and monitor APIs, microservices and containers, and that APIs and microservices are adding new risks to organizations.

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