Mainframes are Made for the Cloud

Irving Wladawsky-Berger, the former IBM senior VP widely credited with helping to transition the computer giant into the internet era, recently reflected on how the new zEnterprise EC12 speaks to the longevity of the IBM mainframe. The "emerging cloud-based model of computing requires systems that are able to provide very fast response times to huge volumes of requests,” he points out. “And, mission-critical services in healthcare, finance, transportation, electric utilities, and other industries require very high levels of availability, security and other industrial strength capabilities. The new zEC12 mainframes are particularly designed to support such mission-critical cloud-based workloads. It shows that given the proper investment, commitment to innovation and management focus, a company’s core legacy assets - infrastructures, platforms, products and services - can be a major source of competitive advantage and solid financial returns well into the future.”

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