Making the Leap to Real-Time Decision Making

Despite a growing need for real-time information, only about one-quarter of big data projects result in tangible success, according to a survey by Capgemini and EMC, that was explored by Andreas Schmitz in a recent blog on the SAP website.

Seventy-three percent of the 1,000 decision makers who responded to the survey declared their big data projects failures because of the lengthy process, sometimes taking months to get the information they need.

They see the primary reason for this in development, which they say is moving too slowly. According to nearly half of the respondents, the development cycles take too much time for line managers, and 52% say the development process itself is to blame. The three most significant obstacles that companies cited were lack of money, time, and staff. The gap between desire for real time data and commitment to invest in the technologies to make that happen was underlined by the disparity in numbers between those managers (77%) who said they need real-time information and those who want to invest more (56%).

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