Needed: More Millennial and Gen Z Professionals for System z

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal points out that more than 90% of the world’s financial transactions continue to run on COBOL, and new implementations of the “connected mainframe” are become a mainstay for the digital enterprise. However, 47% of mainframe technology workers are age 50 -- or older.

Thus, the pressure is on for mainframe talent, which is in short supply. “CIOs must start now to rebalance the generational composition of their mainframe staff and prioritize the recruitment of Millennial and Generation Z workers over the retention of aging baby boomers,” the article states.

With the exception of SHARE’s and IBM’s programs at institutions such as Marist College and Northern Illinois University, there is a need for more mainframe training – and awareness. One proposal: position the mainframe as “extreme IT” to demonstrate its commanding role in business computing.

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