Oracle's Penny Avril on the Changing Role of the DBA

As organizations increasingly move their data and applications from on-premise deployments to the cloud, the role of the DBA is also shifting. According to Penny Avril, vice president of product management, Oracle Database, the transition means that DBAs have the opportunity to move from being data custodians and keepers to taking on a more strategic role in their organizations. But, she says, the time to prepare for the new cloud reality is now.

“Digital disruption is happening all around and with it more data is being divulged—from data sharing services and social media to new IoT applications,” says Avril. “This information has enormous value and its own capital worth. The importance and the value of DBAs aren’t going away, but they really need to embrace the changing role they can play in realizing the in a database, but understands the importance of that data to key business stakeholders and in driving the business forward.”

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