Pedaflops Put to Work to Boost Global Competitiveness

IBM says its researchers are teaming up with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) to form a collaboration called Deep Computing Solutions to take place within LLNL's High Performance ComputingInnovation Center. The center was created to help American industry harness the power of supercomputing to better compete in the global marketplace.

Deep Computing Solutions will deploy a comprehensive range of experienced researchers and developers from both IBM and LLNL to help develop robust solutions for its clients that can address enterprise-critical challenges, such as processing very large data sets to fuel competitive insights. LLNL has procured a five-petaflop (quadrillion floating point operations per second) system to support Deep Computing Solutions efforts. Called Vulcan, the new 24-rack IBM Blue Gene/Q system based on the POWER architecture will be delivered this summer.

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