Product Spotlight: VoltDB

VoltdbDennis Duckworth
Director of Product Marketing


Building a production-ready operational database is tough work. The bar is set high. Table-stakes database features for next-generation applications include:

  • High availability: Machines, containers and virtual machines break, crash or die. Networks pause or partition. The database must handle these situations properly.
  • Correctness: Accuracy matters. Every client should see a consistent view of the data.
  • Predictable latency: Response time should be predictable, within 99.999% of the time.
  • Durability: Never lose data even in the face of nodes crashing or networks partitioning.
  • Performance: The database needs to scale with your application. Additional nodes should scale throughput smoothly and linearly.

The architecture required for real-time processing of streaming data is evolving rapidly. We’ve gone from developers building ‘zoos’ of components to a convergence of real-time ingestion, streaming analytics, and operational interaction in a single platform. VoltDB provides the core components for building enterprise-class fast data applications that require:

  • Real-time ingestion with in-process, highly-available importers reading from Kafka, Kinesis and other streaming sources;
  • Streaming analytics via ad hoc SQL analytics as well as continuous queries; and
  • A fast in-memory storage and ACID transaction execution engine capable of accessing hot and historical data to make per-event decisions millions of times per second.

VoltDB’s mission is to make building highly-reliable, high throughput fast data applications not only possible, as it is today, but also extremely easy. Check out VoltDB v6.8—and learn about the database behind many enterprise mission-critical apps.