Ruhl & Ruhl Insurance Selects Informer Web Reporting

Our friends at Entrinsik tell us that Ruhl & Ruhl Insurance, which offers a full selection of commercial, medical malpractice and personal insurance programs, has chosen Informer software for its ease of use, reporting and analysis flexibility, and automated scheduling capabilities.

Critical to Ruhl & Ruhl's ongoing success is the ability to quickly and easily create production reports from its Vertafore Sagitta agency management system to uncover critical insights needed to make the best decisions.

"The biggest challenge was trying to compare production year to year and month to month by individual producer," says Tim Smith at Ruhl & Ruhl Insurance. "We were running several reports and then comparing them using Excel. Reports were needed monthly for management meetings and took quite a bit of time."

As a result, the reporting process was time-consuming and inefficient and the required reports were not generated when needed. "We lacked information needed to make proper management decisions," he notes. "The reports generated were essential, but it took time that could have best been utilized elsewhere."

Informer's built-in query engine enables both technical and non-technical business users to generate and schedule reports based on live production data.

"Entrinsik's support staff helped write the production comparison reports and with the ease of scheduling reports, they are available when needed without having to create separate reports and do the comparisons manually," Smith comments.

Informer presents information in drag-and-drop form to give users at Ruhl & Ruhl choices on how they want to assemble, schedule and deliver reports. The result is improved time to decision and end-user satisfaction, drastically reducing the cost of creating, maintaining and delivering reports. "Writing the reports is much easier and the automatic scheduling is great," Smith adds.

For more information about Informer, go here.