Thales Boosts Vormetric Platform with Cloud Updates, Ready for VMware

Thales is broadening the reach of its multi-cloud Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE) solutions to encompass the most cost-effective cloud storage tiers.

"What we’ve done with our product and technology is really now go and make sure we’re supporting these different cloud storage capabilities across the public cloud,” said Peter Galvin, chief strategy and marketing office at Thales eSecurity.

This extends to AWS S3, Azure Files, and Google Cloud Storage. The company’s BYOE solutions available in the Vormetric Data Security Platform span public cloud and private cloud providers, allowing users to establish strong safeguards, controls and security around their sensitive data in the cloud.

New cloud security offerings from Thales protect multiple storage tiers, providing organizations with the most cost-effective cloud storage options while meeting compliance requirements and reducing risk and operational complexity.

Offering advanced encryption, key management, and granular access policies, Vormetric Transparent Encryption by Thales now secures AWS S3 and Glacier storage environments, complimenting existing support for EBS and EFS.

Additional updates to the Thales product line providing security, control, and management for storage and other needs include Vormetric Transparent Encryption for Microsoft Azure Files, enabling both cloud servers and on-premises desktops and servers to securely leverage hybrid Service Message Block (SMB) file shares. In addition, the solution includes Vormetric Transparent Encryption for Amazon Linux, which helps bring the benefits of advanced encryption with centralized key management to the operating system.

The VMware Ready designation indicates Thales and VMware solutions interoperate, enabling secure, compliant, and manageable operations.

Organizations that have been reluctant to move to the cloud will benefit the most from Thales’ updates, according to Galvin. Whereas organizations that are leveraging VMware virtual environments and want to be able to manage their teams will benefit the most from the VMware updates, Galvin said.

The company will continue to build out cloud capabilities and strengthen partnerships in the future, according to Galvin.

“We continue to develop more and more solutions for our customers and for prospective customers that are moving to the cloud so they get the same high level of security that they’ve had on premise and they can essentially take that to the cloud,” Galvin said.

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