'The Mainframe Turns 50 and Still Wants to Run the World'

“The Mainframe Turns 50 and Still Wants to Run the World"  - that's the headline from the Sydney Morning Herald, as the mainstream media celebrated the system's half century mark last week. The original IBM 360's descendents are still going strong.

While the mainstream media pundits continue to express their surprise that the mainframe is still at the core of many business operations, knowledgeable professionals know the system always has been indispensable. And IBM continues to underscore its commitment to Big Iron, as evidenced by this past week's announcements pertaining to the mainframe as a mobile, cloud and big data platform (see above for details). Many pundits still refer to the mainframe as a “dinosaur,” but remember, the dinosaurs walked the earth for more than 165 million years.

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