2015 View from the Top: Revelation Software

MikeRuaneView From the Top by Mike Ruane, President & CEO

At Revelation Software we strive to make sure that our Open- Insight product suite contains the tools and capabilities that our customers need to make their applications work the way their customers want them to work.

Since the computing world is constantly evolving—from green screen, to graphical applications, to web-based applications, to mobile applications—Revelation Software continues to adapt to the changes in technology, customer needs, and user requirements.

For example, take a look at the upcoming OpenInsight 10.0 release. Windows-based development environments were created in the late ’80s and early ’90s, and a number of paradigms have come and gone as different ideas were tried, and either used or discarded. Twenty years on, students are being taught software development in an Integrated Design Environment (IDE) consisting of tool panels, workspaces, and property panels. This offers the developer the ability to see everything they’re working on in one space, easily making changes as needed, or devel¬oping and adding to their applications and testing in the same space. This is what OpenInsight 10.0 is.

We’ve successfully enhanced and rewritten the OpenInsight IDE so that experienced MultiValue developers will still be familiar with the power and capabilities of the programming language and database capabilities, and yet it will also be understandable and attractive to today’s generation of IT graduates. And, with our web, cloud, and Linux offerings, we make sure that we’re cov¬ering all the areas that our customers may want to take advantage of.

Technology changes. Customer expectations grow. Developers need a product that lets them leverage their experience and skills. We believe that we’ve made Open¬Insight 10 that product. Go to and give us a try. You’re gonna like what you see.

Revelation Software