Product Spotlight: Denodo

RaviRavi Shankar,
Chief Marketing Officer


With the advent of big data came the information explosion and along with it came the problem of data silos. Today, data is imprisoned in different silos across big data, cloud, and on-premise systems, and totally disenfranchised. Traditional data integration approaches such as ETL fall short of meeting the enormous challenge of integrating big data.

Data Virtualization responds to this challenge, rendering the physical movement of data irrelevant by providing users with the ability to represent data from various sources as a logical layer. The Denodo Platform is at the forefront of this big data trend with features that are optimized to work in conjunction with big data repositories. Placing cold or historical data in a big data repository such as Hadoop dramatically decreases the costs of storing and accessing that data. It frees up the resources for the data warehouse to execute extra workloads that are more relevant to the business. The Denodo Platform’s abstraction layer keeps the data across the Hadoop and data warehouse invisible and makes the two data sets appear to be a single data set available in one location.

The Denodo Platform’s logical data warehouse architecture enhances the capabilities of the enterprise data ware-house with big data-enabling advanced analytics. Big data, which is less structured resides alongside the highly structured data that is stored in the enterprise data warehouse. The platform allows organizations to bridge both types of data and present them to data consumers as a unified view. Also with the Denodo Platform, organizations can combine streaming data from IoT, stored in Hadoop, with data from other sources in the enterprise.

The platform’s ahead-of-the curve features such as intel¬ligent caching and a wide variety of connectors to work with various sources make the Denodo Platform for data virtualization and big data a match made in heaven!