19 Startups to Watch 2019

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ONELOGIN, a provider of software for unified access management, connects people with technology through a secure login. Providing the OneLogin Unified Access Management (UAM) platform, the company helps to unlock the apps, devices, and data that drive productivity and facilitate collaboration, and serves businesses and partners across a range of industries, with over 2,500 customers worldwide.

SPARKCOGNITON is a global AI company that provides an endpoint protection platform and SDK, DeepArmor. The company’s software solutions help customers analyze complex data stores, identify actionable insights, and automate optimal responses. The company seeks to help customers to adapt to a rapidly changing digital landscape and accelerate their business strategies with AI capabilities that increase the production value of assets, maximize the potential and retain the knowledge of the workforce, and protect infrastructure from cyber threats.

VAST DATA offers a storage architecture that is intended to eliminate infrastructure complexity and application bottlenecks. Its exabyte-scale Universal Storage system is built from high-performance flash media and features innovations that, the company says, result in a total cost of acquisition that is equivalent to hard drive-based archive systems.

YELLOWBRICK DATA provides analytic solutions for hybrid cloud, the cornerstone of which is the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse. Designed as a turnkey appliance using the latest technologies, the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is based on the Yellowbrick architecture for native flash queries, helping to unlock the speed of flash memory to power analytics in the hybrid cloud.

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