2014 View from the Top: Appfluent

Santosh Chitakki, VP of Products

View from the Top by Santosh Chitakki, VP of Products

Transform the Economics of Data

Organizations are faced with an explosion of structured data and their traditional data warehouses that are growing faster, larger and more expensive every day. Offloading under-utilized data and resourceintensive processes to Hadoop can reduce traditional data warehouse costs by as much as ninety percent. However, realizing the full benefit of Hadoop requires identifying the right data and processes to move. This can only be accomplished with clear insight into data warehouse activity.

Appfluent’s data usage analytics deliver in-depth visibility into data warehouse and business intelligence systems. Customers gain powerful insights on exactly which data is being used or not used, what users access the data and when it is used. Armed with this actionable information, organizations can map out a plan for a successful move to Hadoop.

Appfluent is the only solution in the market that delivers analytics on business activity and data usage across:

  • Teradata
  • Oracle Exadata
  • IBM DB2
  • IBM® PureData™ for Analytics
  • Hadoop

Data Analysis—a Continual Process

The analysis of the data warehouse is an ongoing effort that needs to be maintained. Large volumes of complex data increase by the minute. Many of today’s enterprises experience a fifty percent or greater expansion of data volumes annually. But organizations that continually analyze their Big Data systems usage and activity can intelligently and cost-effectively manage data growth. Analyzing data usage and activity is essential for intelligent Information Lifecycle Management and performance optimization, as well as reducing rising capital and operational IT expenditures.