2014 View from the Top: Bradmark Technologies, Inc.

C. Bradley Tashenberg, Founder & CEO

View from the Top by C. Bradley Tashenberg, Founder & CEO

Bradmark Technologies is proud to currently hold the position as the #1 reseller of SAP Database and Technology products in North America. Supporting leading IT organizations worldwide that demand high availability and performance, Bradmark strives to be the “go-to”, full-service provider for SAP database and technology users, offering a full set of SAP database products (ASE, IQ, Replication Server or SAP HANA), best-in-class database monitoring solutions, and consultingservices. Bradmark lowers a company’s overall TCO by leveraging its channel partner resources and providing significant advantages in the purchase of any SAP database product, enabling customers to reduce time and resources during the acquisition phase of the procurement cycle.For leading RDBMS environments, Bradmark also provides value-added, database management solutions.

For essential visibility required to effectively manage those mission-critical database environments, Bradmark offers the most advanced, fully-integrated monitoring tool on the market, Surveillance DB™, which enables IT professionals to quickly detect and prevent problems before they adversely affect productivity, ensuring up-time and peak performance. Utilizing real-time diagnostics, unattended event management, alarming and alerting, simulated “real-time” Flashback, and an historical repository, Surveillance proactively safeguards its user’s database environment, identifying and resolving operational and performance issues as they occur.

As a result, Bradmark offers to SAP users a complete database technology solution to services its customer’s needs.

Bradmark Technologies, Inc.

A global provider of database management solutions and consulting services for leading RDBMS environments as well as a leading reseller of SAP database and technology products, Bradmark delivers an integral solution that lowers our customer's total cost of ownership.