2014 View from the Top: Cisco Systems

Mike Flannagan, General Manager,Data & Analytics Business Group

View from the Top by Mike Flannagan, General Manager, Data & Analytics Business Group

One of our goals at Cisco Systems is to help our customers respond to ongoing market transitions. Three very prevalent trends occurring today are big data, cloud and the widening distribution of data sources. These trends provide IT with greater flexibility when storing and managing data. But they challenge business when accessing and analyzing data from across this distributed data landscape.

We want to empower customers to store and manage data in places that make sense—on premise, cloud or hybrid—and yet provide the ability to easily access that data, from anywhere and then use that data to drive better business outcomes. Cisco Data Virtualization, our agile data integration software, does just that. It connects all kinds of data from across the network and makes it appear to business users as if it’s in one place. When combined with our networking and compute technology, the performance and scalability is unmatched.

Utilizing data virtualization also helps our customers address the Internet of Everything (IoE) market transition. Cisco defines the IoE as bringing together people, process, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before. Simply put, it is about connecting the unconnected, and creating opportunities for growth and competitive sustainability.

Watch for more from Cisco about how Cisco Data Virtualization enables the IoE soon.

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