2014 View from the Top: Cloudera

Tom Reilly,CEOView from the Top by Tom Reilly, CEO

Big data presents a tremendous opportunity for enterprises across industries. By tapping into new volumes and varieties of data, organizations can ask questions about their customers and their business like never before. For example, organizations are using data to deliver a better customer experience, resulting in a more loyal customer base from which they can derive greater value. At the same time, with improved insight into business operations, it’s possible to identify areas of inefficiency that, if addressed, can help reduce operating costs.

Many organizations are building out a new capability in their data centers. They deploy a new platform—an enterprise data hub—that gives them power and flexibility at superior price relative to traditional data management offerings. An enterprise data hub is one place to store all data, for as long as desired or required, in its original fidelity; integrated with existing infrastructure and tools; with the flexibility to run a variety of enterprise workloads —including batch processing, interactive SQL, enterprise search and advanced analytics—together with the robust security, governance, data protection, and management that enterprises require. With an enterprise data hub, leading organizations are changing the way they think about data, transforming it from a cost to an asset.

With Cloudera, customers can now easily handle the rapidly increasing data volume and variety they face, addressing a growing share of data and workloads from legacy infrastructure while optimizing the efficiency of those existing systems. Powered by Apache Hadoop at the core, an enterprise data hub powered by Cloudera extends your existing investments with a central scalable, flexible, secure environment for gaining insights from all data, without limits.


Tom has a distinguised 30-year career in the enterprise software market. Prior to Cloudera, he was vice president and general manager of enterprise security at HP. Before HP, Tom served as CEO of enterprise security company ArcSight, which HP acquired in 2010. Tom was also vice president of business information services for IBM. Tom graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering.