2014 View from the Top: CodeFutures

Cory Isaacson, CEO

View from the Top by Cory Isaacson, CEO

CodeFutures is a leading provider of agile Big Data and streaming technologies. Their vision is to enable an agile approach to Big Data processing—transforming static database repositories into a flexible and dynamic data infrastructure. This approach reduces the heavyweight, rigid and limiting capabilities of accessing and using data by traditional means, opening an entire new set of opportunities for organizations.

Led by industry database veterans, the company has developed a new cutting-edge data platform that transforms data into a fluid, easily manageable flow that developers can use to deliver real-timedata to enable critical business applications. CodeFutures announced the private beta of the AgilData Big Data Platform in June 2014. AgilData represents a major industry breakthrough that aligns data processing and usage with the Agile-based principles of being lightweight, flexible, incrementally scalable and extremely responsive to the needs of customers and the organization.

AgilData utilizes MapDB, which was developed by noted database architect Jan Kotek, who is now supported by CodeFutures. MapDB supports very large databases (up to 100 GB and billions of rows or objects), with performance that is comparable to many C-language databases. It exposes data functionalityviathe familiar Java Collections API, which are the most commonly used data structures by Java developers. This makes MapDB extremely natural to use—as it can easily be plugged into any existing project with flexible configuration options.

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