2014 View from the Top: Compuware Corp.

Kris Manery, Sr. Vice President, & General Manager, Mainframe Solutions

View from the Top by Kris Manery, Sr. Vice President, & General Manager, Mainframe Solutions

Properly functioning technology is table stakes for global companies, right? Not so, says an international executive survey, which revealed that nearly half of all global businesses experienced a pervasive technology failure in recent months and 81 percent indicated the same tech fiasco occurred multiple times. The average full-time to recovery—24 days.

The stakes are going to get much higher in the coming years.

  • Various industries will use drones to deliver everything from groceries to disaster relief;
  • Biometric identification will be linked to credit card information;
  • The Internet of Things will move from hype to reality;
  • Love it or hate it, tech wearables will become part of our wardrobes;
  • A patch-like device could store a patient’s medical information and release medicine directly into his/her skin.

These advances, and countless more yet to emerge, have huge implications for how data is collected, processed, stored and leveraged—as well as for the applications that utilize this data.

Since the introduction of mainframe application fault management solution Abend-AID in 1977, Compuware has been optimizing technology performance, as well as developer productivity, for nearly four decades. From the legacy of the mainframe to the latest mobile technology, from popular websites to the systems that power banks, hospitals and smartphones, our industry-leading solutions improve performance and productivity throughout the application lifecycle for preeminent organizations across industries, and around the world.

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