2014 View from the Top: Datavail Corporation

Mark Perlstein, CEO

View from the Top by Mark Perlstein, CEO

With the enormous volume of data being collected now, database management is becoming more critical for every enterprise. You need access to data from a wide variety of places and devices. 24x7 database operations and higher service levels are the new normal. This growth in data causes some common challenges:

  • Database administrators are harder to find and more expensive to hire.
  • DBAs continue to experience high burnout and low retention rates from being constantly on call.
  • Companies need the expertise to support obscure platforms or minority environments, but can’t afford a full-time DBA.
  • More companies need to offer 24/7 access, requiring round-the-clock staffing.
  • Constant pressure to have enough capacity to meet required demand for database management will result in severe shortages of DBA talent.

It’s no wonder that, in a recent survey, 71% of organizations polled said they lack the staff resources to effectively manage their enterprisedatabases, according to by Forrester Consulting. The survey also made clear that organizations making wise use of managed services will obtain improved operations, better performance, stronger DBA retention and lower costs.

With more than 350 DBAs we deliver 24x7 so you don’t have to on your own. Our DBAs work onsite, offsite and offshore. Datavail’s delivery model—the most proven in the industry—allows you to use as much or as little as you need to meet your objectives.

Visit our website at for fresh perspectives on database management and to hear some of our DBAs explain why Datavail works so well for our clients. Call us at (866) 700-7128.

Datavail Corporation

Datavail is the largest DBA services company in North America, offering ITIL process and tiered delivery, SLAs, remote database management, and monitoring for Oracle E-Business Suite, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB, SharePoint and other environments.