2014 View from the Top: EMC

Joseph M. Tucci, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

View from the Top by Joseph M. Tucci, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

EMC is the Leader in Helping Oracle Customers Redefine IT.

With cloud-enabledinfrastructure EMC helps Oracle customers consolidate databases and standardize IT infrastructure, while maximizing quality of service for Oracle database environments.

  • VMware software enables Oracle database to be consolidated onto fewer servers enabling consolidation and reducing in hardware cost and Oracle licensing TCO
  • EMC FAST VP, FAST Cache, and XtremCache deliver the industry’s highest performance for Oracle OLTP, DW, and mixed-workload environments across physical or virtual servers maximizing quality of service.
  • Vblock Systems provide IT the option to standardize at the infrastructure level for not only Oracle databases, but across Microsoft, SAP, and other databases and applications

Through EMC and Oracle integration, IT organizations can bridge the gap between DBA teams and storage infrastructure teams to make top IT operational challenges faster and easier to accomplish.

  • EMC System Monitoring Plug-ins to Oracle provide Oracle DBAs direct monitoring of EMC VMAX, VNX or VMware technology through Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • EMC Data Domain Boost for Oracle RMAN provides DBAs full control of backup, recovery, and replication to or between EMC Data Domain Systems for 50% faster backup, recovery.
  • EMC RecoverPoint delivers complete protection of Oracle databases and the applications they support, locally or remotely, accelerating recovery for DBAs and application teams
  • EMC VPLEX enables Oracle RAC environments and the applications they support to be shared in active-active mode over metro-distance for seamless recovery or migrations.

The result is that Oracle customers can reduce multiyear TCO up to 26% while also making DBAs up to 50% more productive in their daily tasks. To learn more, visit