2014 View from the Top: Embarcadero Technologies

Henry Olson, Director, Product Management

View from the Top by Henry Olson, Director, Product Management

Managing the volume, velocity and variety of data in today’s enterprise requires large teams, diverse skill sets, and complex workflows. Our customers often manage hundreds of applications and thousands of databases—and information inventories are growing much faster than IT budgets. Automation, efficient collaboration and knowledge sharing are critical to success and 2014 will bring significant new capabilities for high-performance teams.

Embarcadero Technologies provides industry-leading database architecture and management tools to enable our customers to build and manage some of the largest and most complex data models on the planet. Enterprise data warehouses in particular may have thousands of entities and require collaboration amongst large teams. With big data continuing to grow exponentially, Embarcadero customers have mastered management of the world’s largest relational databases, and some have now begun to embrace innovative data management technologies.

Today’s enterprise landscape spans myriad technologies, packaged and custom applications and on- and off-premise deployment. With hundreds of applications and thousands of databases, it can be very difficult to see the big picture and find the best data. By delivering the ability to manage large, diverse information inventories, Embarcadero innovations will enable customers to maximize reuse, minimize redundancy and make best use of their information assets. Looking ahead at the needs of our customers, Embarcadero is giving them the tools to better face the world’s toughest database challenges.

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