2014 View from the Top: Infobright

Don DeLoach, CEO

View from the Top by Don DeLoach, CEO

The world is becoming connected in a way that was the territory of science fiction just a few short years ago. Today’s big data challenges are pitting companies against rapid increases in data volume streaming in through multiple devices thanks to an Internet of Things connected world. In many industries, the data load predictions of even two years ago have long been surpassed. This is creating a tremendous amount of strain on infrastructures that contemplated neither the dramatic increase in the amount of data coming in, nor the way the data would need to be queried and the changing ways business users would want to analyze data.

This constant influx of machine-generated data and the increasing complexity of queries, particularly ad hoc queries, requires companies to rethink their infrastructure for data capture, storage and analysis.

Infobright delivers a high performance analytic database platform that serves as a key underlying infrastructure for big data analytics and The Internet of Things.

Infobright delivers:

  • Faster queries without the need for indexes, data partitioning, projections or cubes
  • Fast load and compression with our multi-machine Distributed Load Processor
  • Lower costs from minimizing hardware and reducing administrative resources
  • Faster time to production

The result is better, faster business decisions. Infobright’s platform is used by market-leading companies such as Mavenir, Yahoo! Bango, JDSU and Polystar. For more information on Infobright’s customers and solutions please visit and follow us on Twitter @Infobright.