2014 View from the Top: MapR

John Schroeder, CEO & Co-Founder

View from the Top by John Schroeder, CEO & Co-Founder

MapR delivers on the promise of Hadoop with a proven, enterprise-grade platform that supports a broad set of mission-critical and real-time production uses. MapR brings unprecedented dependability, ease-of-use and world-record speed to Hadoop, NoSQL, database and streaming applications in one unified big data platform.

MapR allows you to do more with Hadoop by combining Apache Hadoop with architectural innovations focused on operational excellence in the data center. MapR is the only distribution that is built from the ground up for business-critical production applications. MapR enables Hadoop to serve business-critical needs for Big Data applications that cannot afford to lose data, must run on a 24x7 basis, require immediate recovery from node and site failures—all with a smaller data center footprint. MapR supports these capabilities for the broadest set of Hadoop applications from batch analytics to interactive querying and real-time streaming.

MapR is a complete distribution for Apache Hadoop that packages more than a dozen projects from the Hadoop ecosystem to provide a broad set of big data capabilities for the user. MapR supports the included Apache projects on an advanced technology platform that not only provides enterprise-grade features such as high availability, disaster recovery, security, and full data protection but also allows Hadoop to be easily accessed as traditional network attached storage (NAS) with readwrite capabilities.

MapR is used by more than 500 customers across financial services, retail, media, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications and government organizations as well as by leading Fortune 100 and Web 2.0 companies. Amazon, Cisco, Google and HP are part of the broad MapR partner ecosystem. Investors include Lightspeed Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund, NEA, and Redpoint Ventures.