2014 View from the Top: MarkLogic

Gary Bloom, CEO

View from the Top by Gary Bloom, CEO

We call ourselves an “Enterprise NoSQL database” because we have the ability to handle the volume, variety, and velocity of data, AND we have the necessary features to run at the heart of an organization. Investment banks, healthcare organizations, and major publishers all bet their business on us because we have the features they cannot live without:

ACID Transactions: Without ACID transactions, there is a high probability of data loss. If your network fails for any reason, the result can be catastrophic. Enterprises need support for multi-record transactions and rich, multi-term queries—all made possible with ACID transactions.

High Availability & Disaster Recovery: Enterprises cannot afford to rebuild databases. They need High Availability (HA) with local disk automatic failover, point-in-time recovery, and asynchronous cross data center replication for Disaster Recovery (DR).

Government-Grade Security: According to Gartner, investment in IT security will increase by 39%, to $93 billion, by 2017. Government-grade security means having top certifications from the NIAP Common Criteria Evaluation, including support for third-authentication with LDAP and Kerberos.

Elasticity and Scalability: Enterprises should be able to scale up or down in minutes to meet data volume and access demands, while not over-provisioning and over-spending. Your database should deploy easily on AWS or on premises using commodity hardware.

Monitoring and Performance Tools: The IT team should be just as happy with the database as the developers. Enterprises need cluster monitoring tools and rich APIs for management, process automation, access controls, database cloning, audit trails, and integration with common tools such as Nagios and HP Openview.

MarkLogic is built from the ground up to include all of these features, and continues to focus on building enterprise features that no other NoSQL solution has.