2014 View from the Top: Melissa Data

Raymond Melissa, President & Founder

View from the Top by Raymond Melissa, President & Founder

Nearly 30 years ago, Melissa Data recognized that contact data management was a driving force behind business success. Our goal was clear—a commitment to data quality solutions to improve organizations’ overall business operations around the world through data verification and enrichment.

No matter the use of the data or size of the company, one simple truth remains: good data means better business.

Melissa Data’s thousands of customers from nearly all industries, including government and non-profits, rely on the value of our high performance, comprehensive collection of domestic and international contact verification products for address, name, phone and email.

As a business partner, Melissa Data does the heavy lifting when it comes to quality contact data management solutions for over 240 countries and territories. We have a large, multi-sourced universe of global data that powers our solutions—point-of-entry address verification, deduplication, appending, geocoding and many other tools—to help organizations leverage contacts in data-driven markets.

Our offices in the United Kingdom, Germany and India reinforce our dedication to supporting the global marketplace.

Accurate contact data is a reality for your bottom line in a competitive environment where every contact counts. Melissa Data offers:

  • Multi-platform, on-site and cloud-based solutions
  • Free trials and 120-day ROI guarantee
  • Scalable, flexible tools for quality contact data management strategies

Melissa Data remains focused on improving your core asset—the quality of your contact data for maximum efficiency and business success.

Melissa Data