2014 View from the Top: NuoDB, Inc.

Dr. Michael Waclawiczek, Vice President, Marketing & OperationsView from the Top by Dr. Michael Waclawiczek, Vice President, Marketing & Operations

No More Tradeoffs in Data Management

More people need more access to more data all of the time. Traditional relational databases focus on moving data on and off disks through the narrow window of their cache using a single central point of control. That 30-year architecture, based on a client/server-computing paradigm, still dominates today’s business systems.

But 21st century data and computing environments are forcing a paradigm shift. They demand a new approach to data management that can handle huge data volumes and millions of simultaneous transactions.

As a result, many IT technologists have given up on the desirable characteristic of transactional consistency found in all relational database systems in favor of distributed operation. That is a trade-off that may be attractive if you can’t find a way to scale-out transactions, but it is a choice that moves a lot of complexity and cost up the application stack.

Worst of all, these trade-offs are unnecessary.

With the advent of a Durable Distributed Cache architecture, like NuoDB, it is now possible to build global systems with SQL transactional semantics, ondemand capacity and the ability to run web-scale applications without missing a beat. This architecture also enables elastic scalability, resilience to failure and geo-distribution. It promises to overcome many of the limitations of traditional systems and challenges the wisdom that SQL systems can’t scale to meet the most demanding web-scale workloads.

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