2014 View from the Top: Objectivity, Inc.

 John J. Jarrell, CEO

View from the Top by John J. Jarrell, CEO

Objectivity Inc.’s embedded database software helps you discover and unlock the hidden value in your Big Data for improved real-time intelligence and decision support.

Unlike other solutions, Objectivity focuses on storing, managing and searching the connection details between data. Objectivity/DB and InfiniteGraph enable customers to understand the metadata within the edges (connections) that connect nodes (objects) allowing for customized search and navigation across distributed datasets to uncover hidden, valuable relationships within new and existing data for enhanced analytics.

The company’s flagship product and patented objectorientated database technology, Objectivity/DB, enables customers to maximize existing infrastructure to capture information required to address evolving, complex, analytic requirements within Big Data.

InfiniteGraph, the leading distributed graph database, empowers organizations to build applications to discover hidden connections and relationships in their Big Data, on a global scale.

Objectivity’s products facilitate customized distributed data management solutions for government, telecom, finance, manufacturing, health and science organizations, and are the supporting technologies for some of the most complex and mission-critical systems in operation around the world today.

  • Develop innovative solutions and take advantage of Objectivity’s benefits and features:
  • Discover hidden value in new and existing data for improved ROI
  • Improved real-time decision support
  • Fast ingest of raw streaming data
  • Flexible architecture
  • Integration with existing infrastructure and programming languages
  • Free unlimited 60 day trial

Objectivity, Inc. 
Discovering Valuable Connections in Big Data

Objectivity, Inc.