2014 View from the Top: ParStream

Mike Hummel, CEO & Co-Founder

View from the Top by Peter M. Jensen, CEO

Fast Data—the simultaneous analysis of historical data and live, streaming data—is the next evolutionary step in big data analytics. For most businesses, maximizing ROI of big data initiatives mean a focus on velocity. Immediate, meaningful insights on massive amounts of data mean actionable intelligence in real-time, resulting in improved business processes and new revenue streams.

ParStream’s Database for Real-time Analytics is built from the ground up to handle substantial amounts of Fast Data. ParStream is able to provide lighting fast and interactive results on both structured and semi-structured data, allowing businesses to gain immediate insights from their data.

To help companies maximize the ROI of their big data initiatives, ParStream leverages its patented high performance compressed index (HPCI) to allow users to analyze data in its compressed form at the source. This allows companies to skip the data decompression and transference stages, and minimize resource use in order to attain real-time information for decision-making in fractions of a second.

ParStream can be leveraged by organizations in any vertical to gain actionable intelligence on their data. For example, ParStream helped a European retail chain to gain granular details from transactional records by empowering them to analyze six billion rows of data in as little as450 milliseconds; enabled marketing company, CAKE, to help marketers steer campaigns to maximize the performance of their digital advertising investments by allowing analysis on two billion consumer actions each month; and empowered a European telecommunications service provider to analyze network and subscriber traffic in order to generate new revenue streams while concurrently preventing instances of network downtime. ParStream is the leading database for companies which want fast, real-time analytics on massive amounts of data, and in the connected world—the Internet of Things.