2014 View from the Top: Progress

Philip Pead, President & CEO

View from the Top by Philip Pead, President & CEO

Today’s application development projects are driven by data integration, big data, mobility and data analytics challenges, and most businesses do not have the time or resources to manage each of these separately. Using Progress technology, you can manage all of these components from one single platform, making application development, deployment and management quick and simple.

The Progress Pacific Platform as a Service (PaaS) not only allows you to achieve rapid application development at scale through easy-to-use tools, it allows you to deploy applications quickly to any on-premise, cloud or hybrid environment of your choice without the burden of vendor lock-in. Progress Pacific is unique with its drag-and-drop and point-and-click application development features, which can be used by business professionals and developers alike, with little to no coding experience necessary.

The platform allows you to deploy applications for iPhone, Android, Web or cloud from one browser—once, or for multiple tenants—as many times as you please, in the environment of your choice. It also provides real-time access and rock-solid connectivity to SaaS, on-premise, big data, and other data sources via a single interface using Progress DataDirect Cloud. This self-service data integration and collaboration tool within the platform takes care of complex database connectivity behind the scenes, so you can focus on actually applying your data.

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