2014 View from the Top: RainStor

John Bantleman, CEO

View from the Top by John Bantleman, CEO

Telecommunications Sector Leads the Charge in Big Data Use Cases—RainStor is Their Choice for Massive Scale at Lowest Cost

RainStor, the big data database that guarantees 90% reduction in your storage footprint, has been involved in Big Data since 2008, well before the popularization of Hadoop. Interestingly this was driven by the requirements of telecommunications providers managing 10s of billions of records per day and storing petabytes of data—they were bursting at the seams! With RainStor’s unique ability to reduce the footprint significantly turning say 1 petabyte of data to 100 terabytes (and often less), the leading global telecoms are using RainStor across a variety of use cases—at scale.

With the introduction of Hadoop, the enterprise began to understand that they could get both massive scale and performance; so back in 2010 RainStor developed our first Hadoop Solution to run natively on Hadoop. As interest and adoption has increased, RainStor invested and innovated—delivering the first MPP SQL engine running on Hadoop, sophisticated data security and robust data governance, to name just a few.

So getting back to our customers, the biggest use case for RainStor is “Cheap and Deep” Archiving, that gives the enterprise the ability to keep all data online and accessible forever. No more tape archives. No throwing older data away.

In combination with Hadoop the economics of archiving are redefined, as is the value that can be obtained from the historical data assets. As a RainStor client at a major bank described, “I have two assets—data and money. I don’t throw away a dollar just because it’s old. Why would I ever throw away old data?!”

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