2014 View from the Top: Revelation Software

Mike Ruane, President & CEOView from the Top by Mike Ruane, President & CEO

Who is Revelation Software?

Revelation Software is the creator of OpenInsight, a database and application development toolkit. OpenInsight provides the tools developers need to create database applications that run on the desktop, on the web, or in the cloud. OpenInsight provides its own database, or you can use one of your choosing.

As a company, we’re small, nimble, and agile. We provide you with a boutique experience—you’re not some nameless customer in a big box store. Our staff will know your name. Real people answer the phone when you call.

We listen to what our customers want, and we react accordingly. We keep our fingers on the pulse of the IT world, evaluate new developments, and determine how it fits in with our technology offerings, so that our customers, and in turn their customers, can benefit.

Founded in 1982, Revelation Software has been very good at understanding technology. We’ve been through the changes from DOS on standalone PC’s, to networks.

We’ve seen Windows, Java, the web, and now the cloud.

We’ve made the changes needed, and we’re still here, over thirty years later.

We’ve been here for a while, and will be for a while more. We just thought we would say hello and reintroduce ourselves.

Check us out.

Revelation Software