2014 View from the Top: Rocket Software

P. Gary Gregory, Sr. Vice President

View from the Top by P. Gary Gregory, Sr. Vice President

Thousands of companies worldwide rely on Rocket Software’s MultiValue databases—UniData, UniVerse, D3, and mvBase—to host their mission-critical applications. Like other NoSQL databases, they provide low administration, flexible schema management and quick, easy development. This technology lets customers and partners manage workflow, create innovative mobile solutions, and integrate their solutions with those from other vendors, while ensuring 100% uptime for their business.

Technology advances and regulatory pressures drive IT organizations to continuously evolve their applications. They need tools that increase development productivity, turn volumes of data into information, and simplify management of complex infrastructure. Rocket provides solutions to these challenges, modifying existing Rocket products to become MultiValue-aware.

Business Intelligence: Rocket CorVu provides interactive data visualization based on native MultiValue queries, leveraging existing processes and expressions. Users can access real-time data and place dashboards on web pages, third-party web applications or mobile devices.

Change Management: Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager automates the software development process from configuration to deployment, supporting quality improvements and compliance requirements. It now supports Rocket U2 programming, dictionary changes, and editing tools.

24/7 Network Management: Rocket NetCure auto discovers applications, databases, services, and processes across your network, correlates events, and performs rootcause analysis in real-time. NetCure lets you monitor and manage your system, including your Rocket U2 data servers, and sends alerts or takes corrective action.

Secure Enterprise File Sharing: Through cloud-based applications, Rocket R/Link lets users control access and securely move files via any Smartphone, laptop computer, or tablet. R/Link’s RESTful API integrates file-oriented tasks into your existing MultiValue application.

These innovations make Rocket Software the perfect partner for MultiValue database development and management. We work continuously with our customers to identify new needs and introduce product enhancements that empower users to work faster, lower costs, and improve quality. The end result: competitive advantage.

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