2015 View from the Top: Datavail

View From the Top by Mark Perlstein, CEO

Many organizations are having a harder time retaining and even finding qualified replacement database administrators. But why?

Database administration has repeatedly been recognized for its high job satisfaction rates, but we know our clients face many challenges—from their DBAs aging out of the workforce, to their existing teams burning out due to many demands.

Datavail was founded to address these issues by providing 24x7 operative support for databases. To accomplish this, Datavail built the most unique delivery model in the database management services space.

Our primary approach is a managed services model, with U.S. Tier 3 DBAs and India Tier 3 DBAs assigned to each major account, with supporting at the Tier 2 and Tier 1 levels in India. This ensures true 24x7 coverage.

This provides our clients with multiple advantages. This model leverages U.S.-based delivery while also delivering the cost benefits of an offshore delivery team. They work one-on-one with a dedicated U.S.-based service delivery manager, a senior U.S.-based DBA lead and a team of DBAs experienced with their specific database platforms.

Datavail is the largest pure-play provider of remote database administration (DBA) services in North America. The company specializes in Oracle, Oracle E-Business Suite, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, DB2 and SharePoint, and provides flexible service delivery options to meet each customer’s unique business needs.

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Datavail is the largest DBA services company in North America, offering ITIL process and tiered delivery, SLAs, remote database management, and monitoring for Oracle E-Business Suite, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB