2015 View from the Top: Managed Data Services at Rackspace

View From the Top by Kenny Gorman, Chief Technologist; Data in the Office of the CTO

While the data store ecosystem continues to grow, it is getting harder to determine which database technology and deployment pattern works best for any given use case. Working out how to best utilize these technologies and deliver measurable business value is an increasingly important challenge for IT.

With this in mind, Rackspace has built a comprehensive database as a service portfolio with the most popular relational, NoSQL, and big data technologies that can be deployed on dedicated bare metal or on the cloud. There’s a gravity to database workloads. Given this gravity, we aim to complement our customers’ existing data¬base ecosystems so they can maximize utilization, availability, productivity and innovation. Once we help customers identify the right data architecture and right mix of supporting database technologies, our team of DBAs can deploy, scale, manage, and maintain your databases on our purpose-built, performant public or private clouds. In the process, this frees up your IT staff so they can focus on building new applications, speeding time to market, and delivering on the promise of big data.

We power over 30,000 mission-critical database servers, and we’re the only major cloud provider that offers a complete mix of database technologies on a combination of dedicated hardware and private or public clouds. Today, a lot of people are also starting to talk about the importance of polyglot persistence—the need to match a data store to the type of data and the performance characteristics needed to underpin it. We deliver it, starting at transient data with high performance and high availability Redis all the way to batch-processed big data analytics with HDFS and MapReduce.

Managed Data Services at Rackspace

Kenny has many years of experience with various database platforms behind some of the busiest websites in the world. He has been an Architect, Director, Manager, Developer, and DBA. Currently, Kenny is Chief Technologist; Data in the Office of the CTO at Rackspace. Part evangelist, part coder working to ensure Rackspace is always at the forefront of data technologies.