2015 View from the Top: Objectivity, Inc.


View From the Top by John J. Jarrell, CEO

Objectivity Inc. is the leading real-time operational data store for Big Data. Objectivity products are used to combine data from multiple sources, including fast changing data from sensors, in real-time to bridge the gap between Big Data and fast data to improve decision support.

Our leading edge software, Objectivity/DB®, a distributed and scalable object management database, and InfiniteGraph®, The Distributed Graph Database™, enables organizations with easier, faster and more flexible access to data for business applications to discover hidden relationships for improved Big Data analytics, develop new ROI opportunities and improve inter-departmental business processes to achieve greater return on data related investments.

Objectivity/DB is designed for operational workloads requiring extreme performance at Big Data scale. These include operating on fast-changing, real-time streaming data fused with enterprise data for semantic context to quickly discover actionable insights.

InfiniteGraph empowers organizations to develop explicitly graph based relationships between data and metadata to support relationship analytics.

Objectivity’s products facilitate customized distributed data management solutions for government, telecom, oil and gas, manufacturing, health and science organizations, and are the supporting technologies for some of the most complex and mission-critical systems in operation around the world today.

Develop innovative solutions and take advantage of Objectivity’s benefits and features:

  • Discover hidden value in new and existing data for improved ROI
  • Improved real-time decision support
  • Fast ingest of raw streaming data
  • Flexible architecture
  • Integration with existing infrastructure and programming languages

Objectivity, Inc. Discovering Valuable Connections in Big Data

Objectivity, Inc.