2015 View from the Top: AgilData, formerly CodeFutures

View From the Top by Dan Lynn CEO

AgilData is the simplest way for enterprises to leverage Big Data without having to become experts in a complex and changing toolset. While Big Data tools and technologies are immensely powerful, putting them together to create a complete solution can be complex and require expensive outsourced implementation and training.

AgilData solves this problem by providing a real-time data platform that helps companies leverage Big Data in their business. Using AgilData, developers can use simple SQL to build massively-scalable extensible stream processing pipelines that interface cleanly with existing databases and message queues. Led by industry database veterans, AgilData represents a major industry breakthrough that aligns data processing with the Agile Development principles of being lightweight, flexible, and incrementally-scalable, which has traditionally been a challenge for databases.

The company, previously known as CodeFutures, has recently rebranded to focus on the AgilData brand. The company conducted a private beta in 2014, and has used the feedback to significantly improve the developer and operations experience, simplifying cluster management and a greatly streamlined programming model.

AgilData, formerly CodeFutures