2015 View from the Top: Delphix


View From the Top by Kyle Hailey, Technical Evangelist

Delphix eliminates the number-one bottleneck in IT: provisioning data to backup, business analysis, and application development environments. Similar to how virtual machines create virtual copies of physical computing resources, Delphix can create multiple virtual databases with a single, compressed, full-size read/write copy that takes up no additional space, and can be provisioned at any point in time down to the second.

Delphix virtualizes any type of data, with full end-to-end automated data collection and provisioning for complex data sources such as Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Postgres, Oracle EBS , and web applications.

Business environments depend on copies of data from production systems—a slow, insecure, resource-consuming and personnel-intensive process. Delphix eliminates these obstacles by securely provisioning data with minimal storage overhead, via a self-service interface for devel¬opers, analysts and IT personnel, eliminating wait time incurred by having multiple teams involved repetitiously for data copies.

The speed at which companies can provide data determines how quickly companies can recover from backups, how accurate business analysis is, and how quickly features move from development, through IT, and to production. Delphix speeds up access to data copies by 100x. With Delphix, bugs are eliminated faster with environments on parity with production, and QA tests are run faster by refreshing multiple environments in minutes. With Delphix, development can produce more with less infrastructure.

Enterprises around the world use Delphix to speed up data delivery, lower operational costs, improve productivity, and enable teams to quickly release application functionality and drive the business success.