2015 View from the Top: MapR Technologies

SchroederView From the Top byJohn Schroeder, CEO & Co-Founder

MapR has invested heavily from day one to create an enterprise-grade, trusted platform to support real-time applications. As the market continues to mature these unique capabilities of MapR will be the singular alternative.

More than 700 customers worldwide rely on MapR, including leading companies in financial services, advertising, media and entertainment, government, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and telecommunications. MapR is used today to perform over 100 billion ad auctions a day, study 96% of the U.S. internet traffic, and analyze over a trillion dollars in retail purchases. The examples go on and on across industries of how our customers are better able to increase revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risk with MapR.

MapR delivers these business results with a proven, enterprise-grade Hadoop platform. MapR is recognized by industry analysts as the top-ranked Hadoop, NoSQL and SQL-on-Hadoop solution. The MapR Distribution is architected to operate multiple big and fast data applications in real time on a single cluster and helps organizations impact business “as-it-happens” through automated processes that shorten data-to-action cycles.

We have a broad partner ecosystem with hundreds of partners, including industry leaders Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Google, Informatica, SAS, SAP, Tableau, Tata Consultancy Services, and Teradata.

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