2015 View from the Top: RedPoint Global

RennerView From the  Top by Dale Renner, CEO & Founder

Progressive organizations are looking to data to drive competitive advantage. Big Data and Hadoop have a lot to offer them. Benefits include: running operations more effectively, improving customer engagement and growing revenues. To this end, com¬panies are pulling in more types of data, from more sources, and at faster rates than ever. Their goal: to monetize their data and the insights derived from them. Their challenge: to successfully integrate this data and assure data quality. However, accessing new data sources and simplifying data processing operations are often contradictory objectives. To reach their goal, companies must be able to rapidly ingest, cleanse, integrate, and match all their data (structured and unstructured).

To supercharge this effort, companies are learning the value of deploying a single data management tool that integrates all these capabilities through a graphical drag/ drop UI. It enables business users, those most familiar with data use cases, to play active, and even self-service, roles in preparing aggregations for consumption by analytics and legacy applications. RedPoint Data Management™ delivers unique value in loading Big Data, integrating it with primary data, and achieving high quality in probabilistic matching and master key management.

RedPoint customers are maximizing value from their data, as demonstrated in Gartner’s 2015 Critical Capabilities for Data Quality Tools report, where RedPoint received the highest scores in Operational/Transactional Data Quality and Data Integration use cases, third highest in Big Data and Information Governance initiatives, and upper quartile ratings in 6 out of 6 use cases reviewed.

RedPoint Global