2015 View from the Top: Redgate

Simon View From the Top by Simon Galbraith, CEO and Co-Founder

This is probably the most exciting time there’s ever been to be in the software space in general and the database world specifically.

Continuous delivery practices, once the domain of Agile developers who were pushing the envelope of software development, are moving into the enterprise. To remain competitive, businesses now expect new application features to be released faster, sooner, more efficiently. A notable example is the announcement from Microsoft that Windows 10 will be its last Big Bang release in favor of a series of continuous updates.

The database also needs to keep up. At Redgate, we’ve been exploring how to make this possible with a Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) process that mirrors the more familiar Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

It’s working too. Our DLM Automation Suite extends continuous integration and release management processes to SQL Server and Oracle, so companies can set up continuous delivery for their databases.

Importantly, they plug into the tools that both database and application developers use. Our database development tools plug into familiar environments like SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio. Our release tools plug into standard continuous integration and release management tools for application development like TeamCity, Jenkins, and Octopus Deploy.

All of this makes continuous delivery for the database as attractive – and viable – as it is for applications.