2015 View from the Top: Rocket Software

GaryView From the Top by P. Gary Gregory, Sr. Vice President, & General Manager, DBMS and Application Servers

Does MultiValue still matter?

This Question comes from people who view database technology in isolation from applications—those who view databases as commodities accessed through SQL APIs. But the emergence of NoSQL document stores reflects a growing awareness of the need for more than just relational data stores.

MultiValue is fairly easy to explain, however, I really enjoy seeing people’s eyes light up when they understand its true business value. MultiValue isn’t just about organizing data; it’s also about being able to provide real, actionable business intelligence (BI) that organizations can use to make critical decisions.

Yes, BI is dashboards and visualization, but it is really about transforming large amounts of data into usable information to guide everything from sales strategies to logistics to portfolio management. MultiValue is the perfect database medium for using this kind of BI functionality because it allows users to collect and analyze information in a way that other platforms can’t even approach.

Not only is 2015 Rocket’s 25th anniversary, but also a time when we are releasing exciting products that provide business intelligence in an entirely new way within the MultiValue space.

That’s just one of the reasons why MultiValue matters more than ever before.

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