2015 View from the Top: Violin Memory

View From the Top by Said Ouissal, Sr. Vice President, Worldwide Field Operations

With flash implementations that disrupt enterprise storage systems expected to reach $41B by next year, storage buyers are at a crossroads. Innovative and cost-effective solutions that deliver performance, reliability and flexibility to scale and meet future needs are required.

Flash as primary storage is the catalyst to business, economic and competitive advantages. Violin technology advancements enable customers to build next-generation data centers with enhanced business agility and revolutionary economics. The Violin Flash Storage Platform™ (FSP) marks the first all-flash storage system for all primary storage and active workloads at half the cost of traditional disk—a viable solution to address primary storage challenges for enterprise, cloud and virtualized business and mission-critical applications.

The Violin FSP—the 7300 and 7700 all flash arrays, Concerto™ OS 7, and Symphony™ 3 simple manage¬ment control—marks a tipping point in the IT industry. The Concerto OS 7 combines Violin’s system-level flash management and control, block-level de-duplication and compression data efficiency engine with a broad set of data management, protection, and recovery services into an integrated operating system. Symphony 3 gives users flex¬ibility and granular control on a per workload, application or LUN basis, all managed through a single pane of glass.

Violin FSPs reduce the effective cost-per-gigabyte by 75% compared with previous Violin arrays; are more than 25% lower in cost-per-gigabyte than competitors; and deliver all-flash storage for as low as $1.50 effective cost-per-gigabyte for large deployments, giving the ~$15B primary storage market access to all-flash solutions, and making the All Flash Data Center a reality.

Violin Memory