2015 View from the Top: Yellowfin

RabieView From the Top by Glen Rabie, CEO & Co-Founder

It’s become clear to me that the Business Intelligence (BI) market is undergoing a period of significant change. Organizations now realize the potential and value of empowering people—throughout the enterprise— with the ability to take better, faster fact-based action.

People are moving away from the constraints, cost and complexity associated with traditional approaches to reporting and analytics— they’re demanding more.

How will we meet the demands of an increasingly large and less technical audience? How can BI continually transform to best integrate into our natural decision-making processes, and even our everyday lives?

BI needs to become more consumable, sharable, effortlessly intuitive and pervasive. At Yellowfin, we understand that to do that, we need to deliver BI you’ll love. Why shouldn’t analyzing your corporate data be as fun and easy as browsing your favorite online magazine, leisure time apps or social networks of choice?

Our mission is to design BI that’s easier to use; more collaborative and can reach anyone, anywhere, anytime with the information they need to act.

To deliver on this vision for our customers, Yellowfin incorporates unique collaborative capabilities, such as Timeline—a Facebook-like newsfeed, throughout our BI platform. Simply put, your data and data analysis is more valuable when shared broadly throughout your organization.

To support widespread BI deployments and usage, Yellowfin has struck a fine balance between business user demand for self-service information access and the governance requirements of enterprise IT.

Yellowfin is a leader in dashboards, data visualization, Governed Data Discovery, Location Intelligence, collaborative, cloud, embeddable and mobile BI.
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